Japanese National Socialist Movement of Today

1)Flag of the New Axis
2)History and Cause
3)Platform and Propaganda Posters

Flag of the New Axis

our flag

Our flag is composed of that ofTohokai (a Japanese wartime nationalist organisation) and of the swastika. The background makes pair with Japanese national flag – Rising Sun. The swastika in The Third Reich was not symbolic of National Socialism. However, it has been pointed out that the swastika virtually became symbolic of National Socialism in the world of late.
By the way, the swastika has took root in Japan as well: Here in Japan, the swastika has been symbolic of good fortune as well as the Buddhist temples for hundreds of years. If you visit any Japanese temple, you will be sure to find the swastika there. We take care of that common background. (to be continued)

History and Cause

Japanese first post-war NS organisation appeared in 1952 and followedJapanese National Socialist principles. It also intensively researched into German National Socialism. However, it has disappeared in the course of time. Generally speaking, Japanese NS movement has been fluid and had a great vicissitudes for decades.

Our organisation was founded asNSJAP (Nationalsozialistische Japanische Arbeiterpartei; National Socialist Japanese Workers and Welfare Party) in 1982. We held first open-air protest demonstration in 1988. Our propaganda posters have appeared in Japanese major daily newspaper twice and our street oratories have appeared on TV in Japan several times. We have once given an interview to French magazine "Le Nouvel Observateur".

We have inherited the ideology provided by Japanese National Socialists, Turanists and anti-Semitists. Our worldview called"National-Socialism" is based uponthe laws of Nature and upon the lessons of History. To us, National-Socialism includes the meaning contrast to International Capitalism which is virtually Jewish imperialist monopolism. We at the same time stand for the ideal of German Geopolitical scientistProf. Karl Haushofer, who became Hitler's closest political advisor after his pupil Rudolf Heß introduced him to Hitler. We have to preserve the tradition and pride of our fatherland. We regard the lesson of history as important and therefore the friendship among Axis Powers including Germany and Japan during the Second World War is extremely important to us. Our cultural identity dates back to Japanese primitive civilization called 13,000-year-oldJomon Culture which was simply based on the law of nature. For thousands of years, the characteristics of Japanese culture has been in the worship of the nature and the national heroes – such as Kamikaze Fighters. "Samurai Spirit" is one of our principles. Our racial pride is based onTuranism. The ancient relationship between Aryans and Turanians was demonstrated by Reich's official racial theorist Prof. Hans Günther.

We do NOT hope for the absolute monarchy. We must not avert our eyes from the fact that Jews are clever enough to know how to destroy Japan most effectively – from the inside – taking over the pivot of our nation: We must confess that they have taken over the Japanese Imperial Household.

Actually Tenno (Japanese Emperor) has not been a political leader of Japan at all but been a religious symbol regarding the mainstream Japanese national Shintoism for 2660 years. Therefore USA did not executed Hirohito at Tokyo Trial and has been able to use Tenno (Hirohito and his son Akihito) in order to control Japan. In fact, Hirohito decided to abdicate after WW2 but USA never allowed him to do so. Japan has been occupied by USA whose Federal Government is controlled by Jews. After Japan surrendered to the Allies, she was occupied by GHQ (General Headquarters of Allies) led by an American Freemason Gen. Douglas MacArthur. Japan has been occupied by USA whose Federal Government is controlled by Jews. He tried to persuade Hirohito to be a Freemason or a Christian in vain. He (Hirohito) had consistently refused to be a Freemason till he passed away in 1989. But unfortunately several members of Japanese Imperial Household – including Tenno Akihito – joined Freemasonry. In addition to Akihito, both Crown Princess Masako and her father (who is an Ambassador of the United Nations – Allied Powers of today) are Freemasons. Especially, Prince Mikasa (the youngest and only surviving brother of the late Hirohito) is also a Freemason and obstinately believes in the Japanese-Israel theory – which claims that we (the Japanese peoples) are one of the tribes of Israel and are derived from the same family as Jews. As for the matter, we follow the stance of Japanese National Socialists who regarded the Tenno as an organ.

The traditional characterics in the Japanese national polity was one national leader such as Shogun (or one religious symbol such as Tenno). Therefore we aim to restore the new non-hereditary system of Shogun – on the basis ofFührer Principle. As for the economy, we stand for the corporatistic autarky against international capitalism and communism.

We aim to promote the evolution of our nation on the basis of National-Socialism in order to form theFolk Community. Basically our movement itself is separated from religions. We stand for the racial and cultural separation for the preservation of our identity and characteristics. Every boundary among the nations is artificial and therefore they should be changed by man. But at the same time each race should choose the territory with suitable climate. We have been fighting against Judeo-communism, race-mixing, and Zionism for the freedom. Our fight is principally dedicated to our fatherland (Japan) and Japanese-Turanian race.We would like to expand our international cooperation with those who fighting against our common enemies.

Today, foreigners including illegal aliens or economic refugees especially from Asian Continent, Africa, and so on are destroying our lives. Southeast Asian prostitutes carrying AIDS, Iranian drug dealers, Chinese robbers, North Korean communists, and Blacks ...

Japanese society, however, is still homogeneous to some extent. At present, there are few Jews themselves in Japan and there are no Jews themselves in Japanese government of today – though theJewish Community of Japan exists: Jews do not have its roots deeply in Japan because they are very different from Japanese in looks and our forefathers have kept away from Jews. That is the reason why Jews themselves can hardly destroy Japan from the inside. Therefore they have incited other countries to attack her. But today Jewish multinational corporations are invading her. International Jews also put pressure on her to promote a multicultural society. Besides, they have succeeded in taking over the Imperial Household of Japan.

On the other hand, the number of the Freemasons in the Diet (which is equivalent to the Parliament of UK) has been getting larger since the end of the Second World War. For example, it is a well-known fact that Japanese ex-Prime Minister Ichiro Hatoyama was a Freemason, as he himself declared (Japanese 'DEMOCRACY' has parliamentary system, so the Diet is closely relative to the Cabinet).

Platform and Propaganda Posters

1. We should establish a moral state as a national community on the basis of the idea of National Socialism.

2. We should exclude the internationalism which runs counter to the national polity of Japan and should demand a leading autocratic regime over Japan.

3. We should recover our self-determination of the real independent nation and should protect our fatherland and our folk from foreign powers which are conspiring to have a control over the world.

4. We should reconfirm the excellence of Japanese race, preserving the purity of our blood, and contribute to freedom of the world.

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  • Chronology

    1952 (63)
  • 10th January. Japanese first postwar NS party (Bund of Japanese National Socialist Democratic Youth: Bund der japanischen nationalsozialistischen demokratischen Jugend) was founded. On 9 February it changed its name intoNational Socialist Workers Party.

    Autumn 1972. TheNSDAP/AO was founded.

    30th Januar 1980. The GermanWSG (Wehrsportsgruppe Hoffmann) was banned.

  • 1981 (92)
  • TheNational Socialist Alliance of Japan reported the interview to two members of the GermanBNSJ (Bund Nationalsozialistischer Jugend: The Alliance of National Socialist Youth) in the second issue of their newspaper.

  • 1982 (93)
  • NSJAP (Kokka Shakaishugi Nippon Rodosha To: Nationalsozialistische Japanische Arbeiterpartei: National Socialist Japanese Workers Party) was re-founded and started publishing propaganda posters.

    December 1983. The GermanANS/NA (Aktionsfront Nationaler Sozialisten/Nationale Aktivisten) was banned.

  • 1986 (97)
  • Japanese economist Masami Uno published two books regarding Jew problem. They entered the best-seller list, making more than one million sales.

  • 1987 (98)
  • 12nd March.New York Times (managed by Jews) reported that "anti-Jewish" books had become best sellers in Japan. Afte that, an American Jewish Republican senator and an American Jewish Democratic representative protested to then Japanese Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone about the matter.
  • 31st May. A lecture by Uno (See 1986) was canceled because of the protests by Jewish organisations.

    17 August. Rudolf Heß passed away.

  • 1988 (99)
  • 20th April.NSJAP held thefirst open-air protest demonstration againstIsraeli Embassy to Japan and theJewish Community of Japan.

    9th February 1989. The GermanNS (Nationale Sammlung) was banned.

  • later 1980's
  • NSJAP got in touch with Michael Kühnen.

  • 1991 (102)
  • 17th January. Members of theNSJAP visited Iraqi Embassy in Tokyo and volunteered for military service in order to fight against Zionists and American Federal Government in the Gulf War.
  • 26th January.NSJAP sent a written protest to the rulingLiberal Dmocratic Party of Japan about the nine billion dollars support to the multinational forces in the Gulf War and about dispatching the fighter planes of the JSDF (Japanese Self Defense Forces) against Iraq.
  • NSJAP gave an interview to French magazineLe Nouvel Observateur.

    25th April. Michael Kühnen passed away.

    7th January 1992. Gottfried Küssel, chief of the Austrian VAPO (Volkstreue Außerparlamentarische Opposition), was imprisoned in Austria for demanding political freedom in an American television interview. Not released until July 1999.

    27th August 1992. Ernst Zündel found innocent.

    26th November 1992. The German NF (Nationalistische Front) was banned.

    10th December 1992. The German DA (Deustche Alternative) was banned.

  • 1993 (104)
  • 8th April. Asahi-Television broadcast in its program "Super Morning" an interview with theNSJAP.
  • 13th April. One of theNSJAP propaganda posters appeared in the Japanese major daily newspaperAsahi Shimbun.
  • NSJAP held its first lecture meeting on Jew problem.
  • 15th July.NSJAP published the first issue of its official newspaper.

  • 27th July. Four Books about the secret of the Jewish wealthy families including Rothschild were advertised in the Japanese major daily newspaperNihon Keizai Shimbun, on which an apology appeared two weeks later becauseSimon Wiesenthal Center and theJewish Community of Japan protested to the newspaper about the advertisements.Simon Wiesenthal Center also demanded from the staff who was in charge of the advertisements learning "the true value of the Jewish people".
  • August.Tokuma Shobou Co. Ltd. published Japanese edition ofInternational Jews by Henry Ford. It went out of print about two years later because the publisher was oppressed by Jewish organisation.

  • 1994 (105)
  • February. Comrade Norio Tachikawa (who was a member of theNSJAP) was murdered. The suspect has not been arrested.
  • 30th April.Tokuma Shobou Co. Ltd. published Japanese edition ofThe Committee of 300 by Dr. John Coleman. It went out of print one year later because the publisher was oppressed by Jewish organisation.
  • May. A member of theLiberal Democratic Party of Japan published a book entitledHitler Senkyo Senryaku (Hitler's Strategy for the Election) at his own expense. However, it was collected and went out of print as soon as it was distributed to the book stores because of the protests by the Israeli Embassy to Japan and the Jewish Community of Japan afterNew York Times carried an article against the book.
  • 6th June. One of theNSJAP propaganda posters
  • appeared in the Japanese local daily newspaperKanagawa Shimbun.

    June. Günther Deckert, chief of the German NPD (Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands; National Democratic Party of Germany) was convinced guilty of "denying the Holocaust".
  • 14th September. TheNSJAP street oratory and interview appeared in the TV program "Joho Space J" (Information Space J) by TBS-Television.

  • 1995 (106)
  • 31th January.NSJAP sent a written protest toBungei Shunju Co. Ltd. about ceasing to publish the monthly magazineMarco Polo on whichSimon Wiesenthal Center put pressure because of itsRevisionist article.

    24th February. TheFAP (Freiheitliche Deutsche Arbeiterpartei) was banned.

    20th March. Gerhard Lauck, chief of theNSDAP/AO, arrested in Denmark under international arrest warrant from Germany.
  • 4th September. Three American soldiers – who were all niggers – from American army base raped a twelve-year-old Japanese girl in Okinawa.
  • 25th September.Kawade Shobo Shinsha publisched Japanese version of a book by Turncoat Ingo Hasselbach:DIE ABRECHNUNG, Ein Neonazi steigt aus.

  • 1998 (109)
  • 15th July.NSJAP set up theJapanese-language revisionist website.
  • 23rd November. A 40-year-old Japanese estate man was arrested by German public prosecutor's office for distributing anti-Jewish leaflets in Berlin. After three days incarceration and a visit by the Japanese Ambassador, he was deported to Japan. (German mass media have never reported his action.)

  • 1999 (110)
    23rd March. Gerhard Lauck was released.
  • 12th June. TheJapanese-language website of the New Axis / NSJAP was formed.
  • 21st June. A Japanese National Socialist was arrested and was falsely charged with inflicting bodily injury and a parking violation.
  • 24th June. The English-language website of theNew Axis / NSJAP was formed.

    13th July. Gottfried Küssel was released.
  • September. TheNew Axis / NSJAP started working withNSDAP/AO andSNF.
  • 12th July. TheNew Axis / NSJAP sent a written protest to the Japanese weekly magazineShukan Post about an apology toSimon Wiesenthal Center for its article regarding Jew problem.

    4th November. Gerhard Lauck, chief of the NSDAP/AO, was arrested in Lincoln, Nebraska (USA) for practicing free speech in USA.
  • 20th November. TheJapanese-language revisionist website presented byNSJAP was critically mentioned in a Japanese pro-Jewish book (Hiroshi Matsuura:Yudaya Imbo Setsu no Shotai (The Real Character of the Theory on the Jewish Conspiracy), Tokyo: Chikuma Shobo Co. Ltd, 1999, ISBN4-480-05823-0)
  • 5th December. TheNew Axis / NSJAP held theprotest demonstration in front of the US Embassy in Tokyo.

  • 2000 (111)

    15th January. It proved that the German Government had requested the extradition of British historian David Irving on charges of alleged racial incitement.

    6th February. The European Union downgraded its relations with Austria and USA recalled its ambassador for consultations in order to prevent Jörg Haider form joining the Austrian Cabinet after his FPÖ (Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs; Freedom Party of Austria) led became the part of the new Austrian government.
  • 10th March. TheNew Axis / NSJAP published the first issue of the Japanese edition ofNS News Bulletin.
  • 21st June. TheJapanese Communist Party started campaign against theNew Axis / NSJAP in its daily newspaperShimbun Akahata.

  • 2001 (112)
    4th December. Lauck Case in the United States was dismissed. Congratulation!

    2003 (114)

    25th March. The NSJAP held protest speeches against US Embassy to Japan, Totsuka Shinya's – pro-N. Korean traitor – office and the headquarter of the Japanese Communist Party.

    15th April. The NSJAP sent a written protest to the minister of the Japanese Defense Agency.

    19th April. The NSJAP handed to US Embassy in Tokyo a written protest on the US invasion of Iraq.

    17th October. The NSJAP joinedthe protest demonstration against US President George W. Bush's visit to Japan.


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